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Doing what others can't, won't or shouldn't
Welcome to Total Cleaning & Sanitising


Total Cleaning & Sanitising is part of the 'Total Brand' group of services owned by 'Rubbish Clearance and Waste Removal Limited'.
We offer a first-class service and rapid response to private clients as well as commercial and industrial customers, local government and emergency services.

We aim to respond to you within 2 hours, day or night, seven days a week.

'Corona virus (Covid-19) cleaning and sanitising where Covid-19 has been present or suspected, in accordance with Public Health England guidelines'.
For purposes of infection control and prevention.

The full-length version of a BBC News Report by Nikki Mitchell
(Home Affairs Correspondent), published on 20.03.2020

We Clear We Clean We Sanitise - We Make Safe

We undertake the most challenging work, ranging from bad tenants, hoarders, drug mis-use, accidental or unexpected death, suicide murder, biohazards, blood borne pathogens, (MRSA / Hep B / etc), decomposition, body fluids, animal accidents, drug den clear-ups, needle sweeps, road traffic crashes (RTC), traveller site clean-ups, and just about any situation you can think of!

We deal with mixed waste, hazardous, clinical, asbestos and cytotoxic waste as well as sharps.

We are trained and equipped by 'The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners' - NACSC - and operate a Rapid Response Team covering Hampshire, 24 / 7, as and when tasked.

We regularly take properties that are very unpleasant, very challenging, with risk of infection or disease and give them back fit to re-fit, resale or resettle.

Our motto is:

Doing what others can't, won't or shouldn't

Please call us on our office number - 01329 848737
Mobile Number 07984 501822 (24hr)

Or contact us via our linked Facebook Page / Messenger

Service suppliers to:
Hampshire Fire & Rescue - Hampshire Constabulary - Hampshire County Council
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